1. Registration for shoots opens at 9am. Shooting to start at 10 am. Registered Sporting Clays have two flights at 10 and 1:30. Go to www.winscoreonline.com to pre register. USPSA shoots fill up fast registration opens at 9am but may be full due to online registration in the morning squad. We run flights at 10 and 1. Pre register at www.practiscore.com

**Rifle Match registration will start at 8:30 and start shooting at 9. For the rest of the year.

8/12/18     Two Gun

8/18/18     Long Range Rifle

8/19/18     Old School Steel Pistol

8/25/18     .22 Tactical Rifle

9/02/18     Outlaw Steel Challenge

9/08/18     Rattle Battle Rifle

9/09/18     Two Gun

9/13/18     Long Range Rifle

9/23/18     USPSA

9/16/18     Registered Sporting Clays

9/22/18     .22 Tatical Rifle match

9/29/18     Long Range Rifle

9/30/18     Old School Steel Pistol