New Pistol Shooting Bays are almost finished, If you have not been down to see them here are a few pictures. (Click on images for larger view)

Pistol Matches are listed on the schedule page, you will not have more fun for the money. If you are interested in a membership the price is $125.00 a year for a single membership $150.00 for a family membership, you can sign up at th75club house.

Rates for shooting on the pistol range for non-members is $10.00 an hour for range time.. You are able to shoot in any open bay. There are steel targets available for you to shoot at or you can set up your own targets.

If a Pistol Match is going on your will be limited to what bay you can shoot in.

Below is a video of a couple of shooting matches with different stages set up to challenge you. As you can see they are a lot of fun and only $20.00 to shoot all day in the competition. You will find the match results on the match results page.