Rifle Range closing times

Rifle range will be closed at 3 pm October 18th till after the rifle match Tuesday the 19th. Will close again Friday the 22nd at 3 pm till after Long range match on Saturday the 23rd.

Old School 3-14-21

22 handgun Mike Wilson. 53.40 Jeremy Russell. 86.57 Tom Stewart. 92.11 Troy Robb. 140.64 Carry Optic Dave Melick. 33.72 Dan Bartok. 46.78 Robert Melick. 133.00 YOUTH 22 Handgun Dakota Wright. 70.50 REVOLVER Dan Sanders. 119.55 HIGHCAP IRON Jay Fitz. 41.98 David...

50 Bird League

50 Bird league will start Wednesday night July 1st at 6pm. Please meet at the clubhouse to sign in. Prizes awarded according to registration. There will also be a Lewis class.