Rifle Shooting is a favorite past time of all Americans. Like the pistol range range fees are the same $10.00 and Hours for range time. Unlike the pistol range you will need to bring some targets of ask that some be set up, there are not any targets left up on the rifle range. For a membership, it is the same as the pistol range when you buy a membership it is for the whole range both rifle and pistol it is only $125.00 a year for a single membership and $175.00 for a family membership.

We have a rifle match called our Rattle Battle.  They are one Sunday a month. Upcoming match dates can be seen on the schedule page.

What is Rattle Battle?

– Rattle Battle is a rifle match that mainly uses military surplus guns. Targets are human-sized silhouettes placed at 100-250 yards. A sniper class is also available. Snipers usually shoot at paper targets and a steel groundhog silhouette at 300 yards. A .22 caliber rimfire (.22 long rifle) sniper class is also available. This class consists of placing paper targets at 25 and 35 yards, golf balls at 50 yards, crow or prairie dog silhouettes at 75 yards, and a groundhog silhouette at 100 yards.

What guns may I use?

– You may use any military surplus gun from any war era. (Generally WWI to present)

– Example of these guns are but not limited to 1903 Springfields, M1 Garands, M1As, M-14s, Mosin Nagants or variants, German K-98 Mausers or variants, SKS, AK-47, and AR-15s.

-Sniper Class guns really are not restricted but they are generally any modern bolt-action rifles that are properly sighted in. There are not any major caliber restrictions.

– .22 caliber sniper guns can be any .22 caliber rimfire rifle. Semi-automatic or bolt action are very common.

How much ammunition should I bring?

– For the Rattle Battle event: 80 rounds per gun are needed but 100 are recommended

-Sniper class event: 40 rounds needed per gun

-.22 caliber rimfire event: 100 rounds are needed per gun

Cost: $20 for first gun

$10 for every extra gun

You may shoot as many guns as you want to bring to the event.